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如果你的工作需要一个多功能和强大的建筑设备,you're probably after anexcavator.Expert diggers by design,excavators do a lot more than just move around a whole lot of earth.他们还可以装备各种各样的工具,使他们能够将他们的力量应用到几乎所有你能想象到的任务上。Whether you need holes dug,concrete demolished,or scrap loaded,there's an excavator attachment that'll get the job done faster and easier.

At Burrows Tractor,we understand that there are a lot of choices to make when outfitting your construction equipment to tackle the work ahead.We've put together a list of some of the most common excavator attachments and implements to get you going on the possibilities.Read on for more information or head into one of our locations in Oregon and Washington.


While excavators are fantastic at digging,they can use some help when it comes to the precision necessary for a lot of normally difficult work.An auger attachment for your excavator allows for deep digging precision.Plant trees and shrubs much more easily,or dig cylindrical holes for construction and foundational work.


Buckets are all but the standard for excavator attachments,providing a utilitarian method of moving around and digging up a whole lot of dirt and other material.You can dig deep,wide holes from a stationary position or use the bucket to scrape and level ground.They're fantastic for construction,especially setting foundations,and can bring some versatility to property owners as well.

Additionally,there are specialized buckets to further speed up or improve operation depending on how you want to apply your excavator.Take grapple buckets for example,which feature sets of long tines that can open or close like a hand and give your excavator extra grip on material like logs,heaps of scrap,and mixed piles of awkward debris.

Hydraulic Hammer

Say goodbye to hand-operated hammers and sledges,because a hydraulic hammer attachment turns any excavator into a rock and concrete-pulverizing machine capable of turning up a sidewalk or breaking up concrete with the utmost of ease.They can also be utilized to break up frozen ground that's giving other implements and attachments problems.

Dozer Blade

While a standard bucket can scrape and level ground in a pinch,a dozer blade attachment is the way to go for this kind of work.This doesn't suddenly make your excavator into a full-fledge bulldozer,but it makes lighter work a whole lot easier and effective.You might not need one for a large-scale construction operation,but smaller businesses can get a whole lot out of a dozer blade attachment without spending big on larger construction equipment.

Excavators are a great addition to any heavy-duty equipment fleet,and with a host of great attachments and implements,there's little you won't be able to accomplish.For a look at some of these attachments or construction equipment from great brands like New Holland excavators,visit Burrows Tractor at one of our locations in Oregon and Washington.We proudly serve Portland and North Plains,Oregon,as well as Kennewick,Ellenburg,Richland,Yakima,and Wenatchee,Washington.Stop by today and let us help you find what you're looking for!