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Construction Equipment Safety Tips

Nov.21 2018 Miscellaneous By ___

Safety first!It's the motto heard around the world,and it goes double when you're dealing withheavy construction equipment.Whether it's staying out of the way of oversized vehicles and powerful hydraulics,or maneuvering a huge vehicle yourself,there's a lot of danger around a construction site.Knowing how to avoid danger and stay safe is an important aspect of every worker's job.

At Burrows Tractor,we believe safety should be a primary concern on any job site,especially when it comes to construction.In that spirit,we've put together a short guide with some tips to get started on safety training and routines.Read on for more information or head into one of our locations in Oregon and Washington.


One of the first steps in construction equipment safety is to make sure everyone at the site is educated and trained,both in terms of operating their equipment and general safety training.This means hands-on training with the equipment itself.Reading through instructional booklets is one thing,but getting to operate equipment is a completely different experience.This will help workers to solidify lessons and procedures before needing to apply them in the hectic environment of a construction site.

Training should also include experienced supervision to help and adjust to worker concerns and needs.Supervisors can help to correct problems and misunderstandings before a worker incorporates bad practice into their routines.

There are a wide variety of training topics to cover and specifics for every individual piece of equipment.General training should cover concepts like safely mounting and dismounting machinery and equipment,how to start and stop equipment,and what issues to keep an eye out for in terms of safe operations.

You'll also want training on specific features or components that might not be standard,as well as a foundation of lifting and load capacities.A worker should only leave training once they're fully confident about safely operating the equipment in question,and refresher training should be part of everyone's routine.

Inspect Your Equipment

An operator can only work safely if their equipment is functioning properly.Compromised machines can cause further damage if used,and it's incredibly unsafe for operators and other workers on the site.Before you operate construction equipment,you'll want to:

  • Check fluid levels (and top off those that are low)
  • Check tire air pressure,tread wear,and tire wall integrity
  • Make sure all attachments are locked securely into place
  • Test aspects like the lights and horn before starting work

Have some serious concerns?Bring your construction equipment to Burrows Tractor.We offer parts replacement and service options to get your equipment running like new.

Safe Equipment Usage

When you're sure the equipment is in good condition,your next concern will be using it effectively.Relying on your training is a must,but there are some good general rules to follow.Vehicles should always be fully turned off with the parking brake engaged before anyone climbs on board or disembarks.Never carry anything as you mount or dismount,and use three points of contact when entering the equipment.

The proper safety gear is a must,like gloves,glasses or goggles,hard hat,boots,and anything specific to your construction work.Always stay within load limits and read through operation manuals for specific tips or procedures.Be careful of blind spots,both as operators and when moving around a construction site on foot.

Situational Awareness

One of the best ways to practice good construction equipment safety is to focus on environmental and situational awareness.This is extra important when operating the equipment.Take care of obstacles and problems before they manifest in dangerous ways — this can mean anything from de-energizing overhead power lines to having a spotter around for a low-visibility work site.It should be standard to set up barriers and identify sewer,gas,water,and electrical lines.

Workers must pay attention to the swing radius on equipment like excavators and be aware of other workers,vehicles,or the construction itself.夜间工作需要额外的照明,and you want to be able to be seen by drivers on the road as well as around the site.

Construction equipment safety involves knowing the machinery,being aware of your environment,and being ready to take the necessary precautions before getting started.If you're in need of more safety tips,visit Burrows Tractor at one of our locations in Oregon and Washington.We proudly serve Portland and North Plains,Oregon,as well as Kennewick,Ellenburg,Richland,Yakima,and Wenatchee,Washington.Stop by today and let us help you find what you're looking for!