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You need farm equipment to handle a range of tasks,but the price tag of new products can often be too steep.That's wherepre-owned farm equipmententers the picture.You can find quality used farm equipment that runs well,accomplishes your given task,and costs you significantly less than their new counterparts.But navigating the world of buying expensive equipment can be daunting,which is why we created the following guide to buying used farm equipment.We have gathered up some tips to make the process easier on you below.When you are ready to shop,visit Burrows Tractor.We proudly serve those in Portland and North Plains,Oregon as well as Kennewick,Ellensburg,Richland,and Wenatchee,Washington.


Farm equipment is not cheap.You will likely be making an investment for the next several years.Make sure you are investing wisely!Information is power,so you will want to do plenty of research to figure out which type of equipment best meets your given needs.A great place to start is setting a budget.That will help remove several pre-owned farm equipment options from the equation,which makes it easier to sort through the options.After all,there is no sense in looking at models you can't afford anyway.

When you think you know what model you want,spend some time reading customer reviews.If there is a consistent issue that people are complaining about,you may want to avoid that product.If you are seeing several positive reviews,that's a good sign.

Pick Your Seller

When you shop for used farm equipment,you can choose to buy from two types of sellers: a private seller or a dealership.A private seller will often promise a steal of a deal on pre-owned farm equipment,but it often comes at a catch.When you get home and start operating the equipment,slowly issues arise that end up costing you a fortune in mechanic's bills and lost work time getting the darn thing fixed.These issues could be hidden intentionally or simply due to the average Joe not knowing they existed.Either way,the end result for you is the same: lost money,

A dealership tends to have a different experience.After all,they have the incentive to give you a fair deal.If they don't,you can use online reviews in your favor to leave a bad review and scare away potential customers.A dealership will also put the used farm equipment through an inspection process before they assign a price,which helps them catch issues that would require a mechanic to fix.Finally,a dealership allows you to look at several pre-owned farm equipment options in one visit.

Inspect the Used Farm Equipment

One key step of shopping for pre-owned farm equipment is making sure to inspect the item.It may look like new,but there could be issues hiding beneath the surface.You don't want to invest in used farm equipment that will end up costing you a fortune in mechanic's fees.

One solid approach is to hire a professional.It will cost a fee,but they can often catch issues you may not be able to.In the long run,they could save you a large amount of money and keep you from a bad buy.Once you find used farm equipment that meets your needs and passes inspection,you are good to go!

When you want a large selection of quality pre-owned farm equipment,visit Burrows Tractor.We proudly serve those in Portland and North Plains,Oregon as well as Kennewick,Ellensburg,Richland,and Wenatchee,Washington.